Started From The Bottom Now We’re Almost Here: Eastern Conference Playoff Race


The Eastern Conference is considered the inferior conference in comparison to the Western Conference.  As of now Friday March 6,2015  the Seven Seed belongs to the Miami Heat at 27-33 and the Eighth Seed is a 26-33 Charlotte Hornets. The margin that separates the seventh seed from the twelfth seed is four wins.

hassan-whiteside-nba-milwaukee-bucks-miami-heat1-850x560The Heat are suffering from a tragic lost of their best player Chris Bosh, season ending with a blood clots in his lungs. But they did acquire one of the leagues underrated point guard’s, Goran Dragic. A major upgraded from Mario Chalmers but it’s good to have a seasoned vet now leading your bench. Hassan Whiteside is the key for the Heat remaining in the playoffs. Whiteside coming out of no where, well he was at the YMCA when the season started; he is what the Heat have been missing. Whiteside is a blocking machine averaging 2.5 blocks and 10 rebounds this season. A low key addition to this team that has been making a difference is the man formerly known as Bill (now Henry Walker.) Walker is a spark of the bench or when starting and can provide needed offense when Wade is not in the lineup.

al-jefferson-return-groinThe Hornets being the surprise team of last year making the playoffs, to this years’ disappointment. With the thought of Lance Stephenson joining the team making them a top four team in the East… that didn’t happen. Kemba Walker, their starting point guard has been out since January with a procedure on his knee. Even though the Hornets did make a move for veteran scorer Mo Williams, they are barley keeping their heads above water. No surprise from the production of Al Jefferson, the big fella is averaging 17.2 points 8.8 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game.

George+Hill+Orlando+Magic+v+Indiana+Pacers+dRFjJGYzX-UlNow for the team that is currently behind the Hornets is the Indiana Pacers. In their last ten games they have been victorious eight times. The reason to their recent success belongs to George Hill. In his last ten games he has been putting up just around 14 points 6 assists and 4 rebounds. Reminder that Paul George has started to practice with the team. If Paul George coming back can just be the motivation factor for the team getting into the playoffs, they could be a tough match up . Also the production of David West will be vital for the team to make the playoff push.

joe-johnson-tWhat’s up with the Brooklyn Nets, they have two of the top ten highest paid players and all they managed to be the tenth seed. Before the trade deadline, Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez were all on the trading block; oh yeah those are their three best players. The defensive minded coach of Lionel Hollins did not receive the offensive message of the Nets ranking 23rd in points this season. This team could get hot with streaky shooters such as Joe Johnson and Jarret Jack, but that’s only two players.

thomasBig ups to Boston being in the eleventh seed. This team traded Rajon Rondo in December and everybody though this team was in tanking mode. No longer than two weeks ago this team was in the eight seed. This team did get Jae Crowder in the trade,  a solid wing defender that has potential on the offensive side. A big move for this team trying to make the playoffs is getting Isiah Thomas. In his first seven games he is averaging 20.1 points and 5.4 assist. But they are the eleventh seed it will be a challenge to reach the playoffs.

Andre DrummondThe Detroit Pistons are looking up to these teams at the twelfth seed. This team was hot after they traded Josh Smith winning their first seven games. But when Brandon Jennings went out with an injury the team took a dip. Reggie Jackson was the new addition to the squad but he has to learn to jell with talents of Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. Stan Van Gundy has the experience and the coaching ability to move their way up in the standings.

Their is still about twenty games remaining for all these teams, this is a lot of wiggle room in the standings for all these teams. For a inferior Eastern Conference, this is pretty exciting.