Started From The Bottom Now We’re Almost Here: Eastern Conference Playoff Race


The Eastern Conference is considered the inferior conference in comparison to the Western Conference.  As of now Friday March 6,2015  the Seven Seed belongs to the Miami Heat at 27-33 and the Eighth Seed is a 26-33 Charlotte Hornets. The margin that separates the seventh seed from the twelfth seed is four wins.

hassan-whiteside-nba-milwaukee-bucks-miami-heat1-850x560The Heat are suffering from a tragic lost of their best player Chris Bosh, season ending with a blood clots in his lungs. But they did acquire one of the leagues underrated point guard’s, Goran Dragic. A major upgraded from Mario Chalmers but it’s good to have a seasoned vet now leading your bench. Hassan Whiteside is the key for the Heat remaining in the playoffs. Whiteside coming out of no where, well he was at the YMCA when the season started; he is what the Heat have been missing. Whiteside is a blocking machine averaging 2.5 blocks and 10 rebounds this season. A low key addition to this team that has been making a difference is the man formerly known as Bill (now Henry Walker.) Walker is a spark of the bench or when starting and can provide needed offense when Wade is not in the lineup.

al-jefferson-return-groinThe Hornets being the surprise team of last year making the playoffs, to this years’ disappointment. With the thought of Lance Stephenson joining the team making them a top four team in the East… that didn’t happen. Kemba Walker, their starting point guard has been out since January with a procedure on his knee. Even though the Hornets did make a move for veteran scorer Mo Williams, they are barley keeping their heads above water. No surprise from the production of Al Jefferson, the big fella is averaging 17.2 points 8.8 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game.

George+Hill+Orlando+Magic+v+Indiana+Pacers+dRFjJGYzX-UlNow for the team that is currently behind the Hornets is the Indiana Pacers. In their last ten games they have been victorious eight times. The reason to their recent success belongs to George Hill. In his last ten games he has been putting up just around 14 points 6 assists and 4 rebounds. Reminder that Paul George has started to practice with the team. If Paul George coming back can just be the motivation factor for the team getting into the playoffs, they could be a tough match up . Also the production of David West will be vital for the team to make the playoff push.

joe-johnson-tWhat’s up with the Brooklyn Nets, they have two of the top ten highest paid players and all they managed to be the tenth seed. Before the trade deadline, Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez were all on the trading block; oh yeah those are their three best players. The defensive minded coach of Lionel Hollins did not receive the offensive message of the Nets ranking 23rd in points this season. This team could get hot with streaky shooters such as Joe Johnson and Jarret Jack, but that’s only two players.

thomasBig ups to Boston being in the eleventh seed. This team traded Rajon Rondo in December and everybody though this team was in tanking mode. No longer than two weeks ago this team was in the eight seed. This team did get Jae Crowder in the trade,  a solid wing defender that has potential on the offensive side. A big move for this team trying to make the playoffs is getting Isiah Thomas. In his first seven games he is averaging 20.1 points and 5.4 assist. But they are the eleventh seed it will be a challenge to reach the playoffs.

Andre DrummondThe Detroit Pistons are looking up to these teams at the twelfth seed. This team was hot after they traded Josh Smith winning their first seven games. But when Brandon Jennings went out with an injury the team took a dip. Reggie Jackson was the new addition to the squad but he has to learn to jell with talents of Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. Stan Van Gundy has the experience and the coaching ability to move their way up in the standings.

Their is still about twenty games remaining for all these teams, this is a lot of wiggle room in the standings for all these teams. For a inferior Eastern Conference, this is pretty exciting.




Numbers On The Rafters: Retired Knicks Numbers


The Season that The New York Knicks are having, there a multitude of things to look forward too; whether it is the season finally being over, the NBA Draft or Free Agency. Before looking forward, rather look up to the rafters of Madison Square Garden. In particular look at the retired Knicks numbers 10, 12, 15(retired twice), 19 22, 24, 33 and 613. In order to move forward you have to look at the past. The Knicks are having a terrible season in lack of other words, but these players are the best in the history of the franchise.

walt-frazier[1]Number 10 belongs to the man known as Walt “Clyde” Fraizer. He played nine and a half seasons with the organization averaging 19.3 points per game and 6.3 assist. Frazier was the point guard of both championship seasons and a seven time All-Star and a four time NBA First Teamer. What Frazier prided himself was on defense. He would always play the passing lane as well being a premiere pickpocketer on the perimeter. Unfortunately for Frazier, steals did not become a tracked statistic until his sixth year in the league. Even though steals did not count, Frazier was one of the best defenders in the league.

Let’s not forget what Frazier did in game seven of the 1969 NBA Finals. He posted 36 points 17 assist and seven rebounds leading the Knicks to their first title.

4e6c02407052e.preview-620[1]The last name above of the retired number 12 is Barnett. Richard “Dick” Barnett joined the Knicks in 1963, previously being a Los Angeles Laker. Barnett was always known as a shooter and having one of the most unorthodox methods of shooting the ball. That did not matter for Barnett, as a New York Knick he shot 46% from the field. Barnett did not consume the spotlight, he let his game shine on the court. He did make an All-Star appearance as a Knick and averaged 15.6 points.

Earl “The Pearl” Monroe was a huge contributor to the Knicks winning their second championship, doing this while sporting the number 15. Monroe was an up and coming scorer for the Baltimore Bullets. Monroe stated that the toughest person to score on was Frazier. When he was acquired, it resulted to a harmonious backcourt. With Frazier not having to guard Monroe anymore, Monroe could work within the offense. In the playoffs for the Knicks he averaged 14.4 a game. He was also a two time All-Star as a Knick.

New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucksmcguire3[1]The other retired 15 number is Dick McGuire. What makes his number retired as a Knick special is that he is truly a life long Knickerbocker. Growing up in New York City and playing his collegiate ball at St. Johns, it was fitting that the Knicks selected him with the seventh overall pick in the 1949 BAA Draft. A five time All-Star and a point guard that averaged 5.6 assist at the helm of the Knicks offense. After his playing days, he continued to work with the Knicks either as a scout, coach or an adviser; in total he spent fifty three years with the origination.

19925[1]Nicknamed “The Captain” Willis Reed’s 19 also floats in the rafters at Madison Square Garden. One of the most memorable Knicks moments has to deal with Reed. Following a Game Six injury in the 1969 NBA Finals, he was doubtful to play in Game Seven. Reed emerged from the locker room before tip off and the crowd erupted in cheers. He scored the first two baskets which were his only baskets, but that’s not the point; he came out there and tried to play despite being injured. Also in that championship year he was League MVP, All-Star MVP and Finals MVP. While not being injured Reed was a force to be reckoned with in the paint. He played his entire ten year career as a Knick, seven out of the ten years he was selected as an All-Star and averaged 18.7 points and 12.9 rebounds a game.

dave_debusschere_1971_02_01Dave DeBusschere graced the number 22 as a Knick. Coming over the Pistons, the Knicks new they were getting a defensive presence. He was coming off a bad coaching situation in Detriot, so him coming to New York was a rejuvenation. With a player of DeBusschere’s caliber, he was the key component to the Knicks winning the championship. He was a hard noise player grabbing rebounds and allowed Willis Reed to move to the center position. Although defense was his forte, he can also score the ball when necessary. DeBusschere made five consecutive All-Star appearances as well as averaging 16.0 points and 10.7 rebounds as a Knick.

nba_g_bbradleynba_200The Princeton man Bill Bradley became a Knick in 1969 and ended his career in 1977  in the number 24 uniform. Bradley had a shaky start as a Knick because he did not immediately join the team, he went to study at Oxford University before joining the organization. When he finally got to playing, fans were skeptical about him because he was not performing up to the hype that surrounded him. Bradley averaged 14.6 points 4.o rebounds and 3.7 assist. He came into the form of his hype when the Knicks won both of their championships.

The number one overall pick in the 1985 belonged to the New York Knicks and they selected a center out of Georgetown, that center was none other than Patrick Ewing. Number 33 did not let the limelight of playing in New York City get to him him, he embraced it. His eleven All-Star appearances as a Knick can attest to his consistent dominance. His Knick career fished with him averaging 22.2 points 10.2 rebounds 2.0 assists and 2.7 blocks per game.

ny_knickstopperform05_800Ewing really cemented his Knick legacy in the 90’s. Even though they did not win a championship, they did make it to the finals. Even when in the playoffs, he played efficiently averaging 20.2 points 10.3 rebounds and 2.2 blocks.

Now for the 613 that is retired, that represents the amount of wins for Head Coach Red Holzman. He took home the Coach of the Year award in their championship season of 1969. In that season he coached the teams to sixty victories, going nineteen games over .500, also going on an eighteen game winning streak. In 1997 he earned an award for The Top 10 Coaches of All Time. Holzman prided his team on his defensive, he coached the team up his way and the players bought into his system which equaled success.

1275497107holzman_060310_380pxHolzman had the privilege of coaching Fraizer, Monroe, DeBusschere, Reed, Barnett and Bradley. All five of these players were apart of the Knicks championships season. Seven of the retired numbers are inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a New York Knicks. These players have their own legacy in the league, but they will forever be a New York Knick.






Amar’e Stoudemire: A Knick That Will Be Missed

The summer of 2010 included top tier free agents such as Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. At the end of the whole free agency period, The Knicks landed Power Forward Amar’e Stoudemire. Four and half years later, Stoudemire has been bought out of his final year of his five year 99.5 million dollar deal, and now is apart of Dallas Mavericks.

Amare-Stoudemire-Welcome-To-New-York-WallpaperStoudemire was not the top choice of Knicks  Fans due to the fact of the idea of Lebron James joining the team. For Knicks fans, the acquisition of Stoudmeire was equivalent to a child not getting the toy  they wanted in a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal.

He was coming off an eight year career with the Phoenix Suns averaging 21.4 points. Stoudemire was considered one of the most explosive players in the league but he endured injures while on the Suns. He had a microfracture knee surgery as well as an eye surgery.

When he signed his five year ninety nine million dollar contract, Stoudemire best years were behind him. He also said during his press conference that “The Knicks are back.”

pi_20100705201358_660_320Amar’e Stoudemire’s first year with the Knicks was something the Garden has never seen. A big part of his success has to be accredited to point guard Raymond Felton. Him and Stoudemire on the pick and roll were lethal. Stoudemire would either roll to the basket or pop out for his nearly automatic fifteen to twenty foot jumpshot.


Stoudemire was the face of the franchise for only half of the season becuase the Knicks made a blockbuster deal to acquire one of the best scorers in the league Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets.

Despite Anthony being on the team, he gave new hope and faith for the franchise and the city. Also in his first season he eclipsed Willy Naules franchise recorded of most consecutive games scoring thirty points with nine straight games. He also had a twenty six game streak of scoring twenty plus points per game. He finished the season with 25.3 points and 8.2 rebounds.

The Knicks knew Stoudemire he wasn’t the player he use to be, and that proved to be the case. He had a multitude of knee injuries as well missing time due to injuries of his hands, toe and back. He did not play in sixty three percent of the games while being on the roster.


Let’s not forget what happened after game two against the Miami Heat in 2012.




Amar’e Stoudemire criticism as a Knick was his effort on defense. He was never known as a defensive presence, but STAT at times would literally just stand tall and talented. With players on the roster such as Tyson Chandler, he did not have to guard the best big man on the opposing team. But at times with the Knicks he would be guarding the best post player on the team, and teams took advantage of that matchup.

Stoudemire was still a prolific scorer with the Knicks. There were stretches when Carmelo Anthony was injured, he would take on the offensive load. Even when Stoudemire would come back from injury, he would still post up at least twelve points six rebounds. Although his numbers drastically dipped from his first year as a Knick 25.3, 17.5,14.2,11.9,12.0, he still was an offense threat.


The Amar’e Stoudemire era as a New York Knick should not be considered a bust. This man put the city on his back and embraced the whole New York aspect. From him finding his Jewish heritage to him bathing in wine he can only and oddly do that as a New Yorker. Stoudemire started the Knicks rejuvenation of the franchise. With out Stoudemire’s early success the Knicks could still behind the eight ball.

Carmelo Anthony had to say on Stoudemire’s  departure, “… When he came [to New York] he brought back some excitement to the game of basketball here in New York. There was hope when he came back. People started believing in the New York Knicks again. He was the main reason for that belief and for that hope.”

imagesIt was a bummer to see a player of his caliber to be injured for the amount of time he was because he could of did so much more for the team.

For Amar’e Stoudemire his buyout was like the few sand grains remaining in the glass, his time as a Knick was coming to a end. With the Knicks fans getting on him for not being the player he was, why would so many teams would have interest in him for the player he is now? A scoring big man that can make an impact on a playoff contending team. He served his time as a Knick, now he has a chance to make a championship run with the Dallas Mavericks.



As a Knick fan I bid Amar’e Stoudemire the best of luck in Dallas and thank him for his services as a New York Knick.



The Orange and Blues: All-Star Break Recap of The New York Knicks Season

At the All-Star break the New York Knicks are sitting with a record of 10-43. That is thirty three games under .500, thirty two and a half games out of first, a winning percetange of 0.189 and last in the Eastern Conference.


The Knicks started the season winning two out of their first three games but after that endured a seven game losing streak. The Knicks had multiple losing streaks over five games including a ten game losing streak and a sixteen game losing streak. During a twenty-seven game stretch the Knicks were victorious in only one game.

Coming into the Season the Knicks looked like a viable playoff team in the Eastern Conference. With adding Jose Calderon, and the idea of him and Andrea Bargnani running the triangle would be a sight to see.  That has not been the case, Andrea Bargnani has only played four games thus far. He also was inactive for the first thirty-three games of the season.


The injury bug was not exterminated, Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, Pablo Prigioni, Jose Calderon, Cleanthony Early Cole Aldrich, Tim Hardaway J.r and Travis Wear at some point or another wear affected by injures.

Carmelo Anthony being the franchise player signing a five-year 124 million dollar extension with the club over the offseason, has been in and out of the lineup since November with a knee injury. He has been playing through his injury “It’s tough. Some days you’re able to do some things; some days you’re not.”

Anthony also resorted to saying that surgery is his last option, but with a season that has been a bust; Anthony has to make the decision of keep playing in a “lost” season or get season ending surgery.

Rookie head coach Derek Fisher was inserted into the job by his former coach Phil Jackson. With claims that his predecessor Mike Woodson lost the locker room, Fisher had to get it back.


With Fisher coming from the offensive mindset of the “Triangle,” that offense was implemented into the Knicks. The Triangle would be the foundation of the offense in the first quarter but once the game got out of hand, the triangle was no longer to be seen.


Regarding the locker room, there were internal problems at the beginning of the season. With the Knicks not having the start they wanted rumors came out that Anthony told Hardaway J.r that he was going to beat him up. They came out and stated that an argument accrued but they also said they have no problems with each other.

Also Forward Quincy Acy was fed up with the team effort and got into a scuffle with Washington Wizards point guard John Wall on Christmas Day.

With the roster the Knicks have assembled this season they have seven players with four years or less experience which include three rookies. With the Knicks having a young roster, and Fisher being a young coach, he had to galvanize his young players when down in games.

In a game against the Houston Rockets, Fisher made an attempt to rally his team when down and delivered this speech in a time out.

Phil Jackson being a former Knickerbocker and now President of Basketball Operations, he admitted that the Knicks disaster start to the season was “my [Phil’s] responsibility.” Even before the Knicks losing got out of hand, Jackson questioned the team of having a loser’s mentality.

When he first got the position, he told the media that the first year would be touch but his job is to change the culture of the franchise. Jackson has been parsing the jobs that Fisher, General Manager Steve Mills, and Owner James Dolan have done.

Recently, Knicks Owner James Dolan was in the news for calling out the loyalty of a Knicks fan. The fan sent him an email that he has been a fan since 1952 and called out the actions of the owner. In response Dolan said B9XSmxfCQAI54J_

On January 7, 2015 the Knicks were 5-33 and had an opportunity to clear some salary cap. The Knicks executed a trade with the Cleveland Cavalries by sending guards J.R Smith and Iman Shumpert. The Knicks also waived center Samuel Dalembert the same day. With all the moves made, the Knicks cleared over twenty million dollars in cap room.

J.R Smith time in New York ran out by him not being focused on the court. Smith also had a hard time learning the triangle offense and not being that second scoring option. For Shumpert, his defense was never the question, his offensive game did not take off. The young prospect the Knicks drafted in 2011 and a crowd favorite are now contributing to a playoff team.


The Knicks received multiple players and draft picks from this trade but only kept Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas. These players were thought to be waived but roster spots had to be filled. The Knicks also called up D-League prospect Langston Gallaway from the Westchester Knicks.

These players brought tough meaningful basketball to the team. These players were fighting for season long contracts, and they performed well. Even though the team was struggling at the time, they made an impact with their energy. That energy and efficiency they provided on their ten-day contracts were rewarded by all three players being signed to the roster for the rest of the season. All three players have been inserted into the starting line up as well.



Even with the season the Knicks are having, there is an All-Star among them. Carmelo Anthony will be representing the Knicks in the game which will be played at Madison Square Garden. Anthony is averaging 24.2 points and 6.6 rebounds.

After the All-Star Break the Knicks will have twenty-nine games remaining elven of their opponents have winning records. The trade deadline is four days after the All-Star Game. Teams around the league are highly interested in veteran point guards Jose Calderon and Pablo Prigioni and power forward Amar’e Stoudemire. The only way Stoudemire would be an option to teams if a buyout accord.

Sources around the league have stated that Anthony will most likely “shut it down” after the All-Star Game. With the thought of losing their franchise player, The Knicks should be playing with no exceptions.


Even though Anthony is not playing, players on this roster will be playing for future contract opportunities. Wether it is with the Knicks or another team, players will be playing for their future. With that in mind, do not expect the level of play to fall of, due to the fact they are playing for other incentives.

If the Knicks second half season mirrors their first half of the season, The Knicks will be eligible for a top lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.



The “New” New York Knicks

The New York Knicks can finally start counting their wins on their toes now because they reached the ten win plateau last Sunday against The Los Angeles Lakers.


To the casual NBA fan, they would recognize names on the Knicks roster such as Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. But guys such as Langston Galloway, Lance Thomas and Lou Amundson the response of “Who” will come after mentioning those names.

images-2 images-1 images-3

With a Knicks team having playoff aspirations at the beginning of season, that is now an afterthought in February. Being Twenty nine games under five hundred, the Knicks made some roster moves. Trading away Iman Shumpert, J.R Smith and releasing Samuel Dalambert with over a third of the season in the books; three roster spots were up for grabs. For a lost season for the Knicks; Galloway, Thomas and Amudson found their spots on the roster.

Galloway is no stranger to the organization. Galloway went undrafted in the 2014 draft, and the Knicks picked him up for their Summer League Roster. With his eye opening play in the Summer League, he was invited to the Knicks training camp. Galloway made it to the final cut but did not make the Knicks roster, but made another Knicks roster; The Westchester Knicks.

Westchester Knicks

In 19 games for the Westchester Knicks, Galloway averaged 16.5 points 2.5 assist and 2.6 steals per game. With the injuries of Jose Calderon and Pablo Prigioni, it was time for Galloway to join the big league roster. With injures to the other guards on the team, he had an opportunity to play immediately.

His first game was against  the Washington Wizards where he shot 2-8 from the floor. The next game was national televised on TNT and Galloway threw down in emphatic put back dunk. After that dunk, his play was on notice not only to the fans but to his teammates and the organization. Galloway is bigger guard at 6’2, he can run the offense as well as hurt a defense with his perimeter shooting.

New York Knicks v Washington Wizards

Thomas started the season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He started  thirteen games for  Thunder averaging 5.1 points and 3.4 rebounds in twenty two total games. With reining MVP Kevin Durant coming back from injury and both playing the same position, Thomas was dropped by the Thunder.

The Brooklyn native made an impact adding size at the small forward. He is averaging 9.7 points and 3.8 rebounds. What is interesting about Thomas is that he is more of an offensive threat of the bench than Quincy Acy. With the Knicks being twenty eighth in scoring out of thirty teams, Thomas is a viable option of the bench. Thomas is also a better option on the defensive side of the ball than rookie Travis Wear, who also spends time at the small forward position.


Although Thomas is relatively new to the team, he already produced arguably one of the worst flops of the season as well as getting away with a double dribble in a Knicks uniform.

Amudson is the definition of a journeyman, with being on ten teams in his eight year carrer. Amudson started the year with the Cleveland Cavaliers before becoming a Knick. Amundson has been an end of the bench player but provides energy and other intangibles to a team.


His style of play is no different with the Knicks. Amundosn was inactive when he first arrived to the team but witnessed a blow out loss. When he played the next game even though it was a loss, you could see a different energy that was needed for the “New” New York Knicks. Averaging 6.3 points per game as a Knick, he recently scored an uncanny 17 points against one of his former team the Indiana Pacers.


What is unique about these three players that they were all fighting for a spot under their ten day contracts. The energy these players brought to the team have changed the atmosphere of the locker room. The pressure these players had of playing well but also learning the system and the possibility of being cut did not phase them.

While on their ten day contracts, they were inserted into the starting lineup. The Knicks decided to sign all three players for the reminder of the season. Galloway is the only player out of this trio to have a contract that is partially guaranteed for next season.

Since all three players being on the roster starting on January 15, 2014 the Knicks record has been 5-5. Although having a five hundred record with them on the roster, they brought more than just wins to the squad. They have brought the mindset of contributing to the team on both ends of the floor, energy, and a breath of fresh air to a foggy Knicks season.

Carmelo Anthony, Lance Thomas, Langston Galloway ny_u_knicks33_cr_c1296x864_300x200NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at New York Knicks


What You Need To Know For The Super Bowl


Thirty two teams entered the NFL season with aspirations of reaching the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots are the remanning teams to play in Super Bowl Forty Nine to determine a champion.

The Seattle Seahawks are the reigning Super Bowl Champions, they are looking to repeat. The Super Bowl stage will be a familiar sight to these players because of a roster that hasn’t seen many changes from last season


At the helm of the Seahawks offense will be Russell Wilson. Wilson is coming off a NFC Championship Game which he threw four interceptions. The team as a whole did not emerge until late fourth quarter and overtime to defeat the Green Bay Packers, Twenty Eight to Twenty Two.

When mentioning the Seattle Seahawks, defense is what comes to mind, especially their secondary. With “The Legion of Boom” as their persona, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Byron Maxwell makes a fearsome threat for any quarterback regardless of the stakes of the game.

Seattle Seahawks Secondary

Keep an eye out for Richard Sherman and Tom Brady, lets see who starts the trash talking. Richard Sherman had the last words in 2012 with the Seahawks winning a regular season matchup and with him and Brady exchanging words at the end of the game.


The Patriots will be representing the AFC in Super Bowl Forty Nine by coming off a Forty Five to Seven victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Although the game was a blow out, the Patriots win has been deflated due to speculations over the weight of game used footballs.

The “Deflategate” fiasco has been taking over headlines leading up to the Super Bowl. The NFL has been investigating the situation and constructed about forty interviews during its on going investigation. The league however did not interview Tom Brady, and are most likely to interview him after the Super Bowl.


The reputation of the Patriots have been in question once again, and team owner Robert Kraft is tired of his team being under scrutiny. He wants the media and the public to stop questioning the character of his head coach and starting quarterback. Kraft is also looking for an apology if the footballs were not tampered with, “…[I]hope that the league would apologize to our entire team, and in particular, Coach Belichick and Tom Brady, for what they have had to endure this past week.”

Marshawn Lynch will be focal point if the Seahawks are looking to repeat. The running back will be facing a solid defense while avoiding defenders such as Vince Wilfork, Rob Ninkovich, Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins.

Lynch will be looking for “Beast Mode” to emerge and for his game to the talking for him. Lynch does not like to bothered with the media, unless Skittles are being involved in the process or a 500,000 dollar fine if he did not show up for media day.

Lynch will be on the NFL’s radar because of the gestures he makes. He is notorious for grabbing his crotch when or after scoring a touchdown. He was fined 20,000 dollars for such celebration for doing this during the NFC Championship game. The NFL has warned Lynch about doing his celebration during the Super Bowl will result into a fifteen yard penalty.


The NFL’s disapproval of Lynch’s celebration, on they are selling framed photos of the celebration for 150 dollars. The NFL also threatened  Marshawn Lynch’s gold cleats in the NFC Championship, if he wore the cleats he would have been ejected. So in the case of Marshawn Lynch watch him from the waist down to see what he does in the big game.


This will be sixth Super Bowl appearance for the quarterback and head coach duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Brady and Belichick are three and two in Super Bowls and have not won a Super Bowl since 2003.

What is also interesting about their Super Bowl record is the location of the game. This year’s Super Bowl is located in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. In 2007, the Patriots were defeated in Super Bowl Forty Two by the New York Giants in the same stadium.


Tom Brady will get to have a healthy Rob Gronkowski in the Super Bowl. Brady had Gronkowski in their last Super Bowl appearance but “Gronk” was coming off a bad ankle. Gronkowski is arguably the best weapon in the entire league, with him healthy the Patriots will be looking to use him to exploit the Seattle defense.


The Patriots are known for their passing efficiency but for this team, they had a carousel of running backs that got them to the Super Bowl.  With Stevan Ridley getting injured earlier in the season, Shane Vareen, Brandon Bolden, Jonas Gray and LeGarrette Blount have been carrying the pigskin for the team.

Having four running backs can pose a problem for the Seahawks because of the unknown of who will be running the ball. For the Patriots who ever has the hot hand will be carrying the ball, if one running back is cold; they have three other backs that can get the offense going.

An interesting factor for both teams are their top cornerbacks. For the Patriots that is Darrelle Revis and for the Seahawks their top corner is Richard Sherman. In the eyes of NFL analyst Revis and Sherman are the top two cornerbacks in the league.


Last year Sherman emerged into the limelight for his play and team success. Revis was forgotten in the media around this time last year because he was on a unsuccessful Tampa Bay Buccaneers team.

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots

This is Revis’s first Super Bowl while Sherman winning it last year. With arguably the best cornerbacks in league on the biggest stage of the NFL, their play can finally determine who is the best cornerback in the league.

To wrap this assignment up I will be doing my best Marshawn Lynch impersonation, I’m doing this assignment “so I won’t get fined.”